Mass Events


Mass events are the source of potential danger to some extend. “Alfa – Legion” SEG provides reliable protection during both open and closed events.

During public order securing in the mass-event locations, the security personnel performs the following functions:

  • Analysis of the event schedule and the plan of territory (space) of the event. Estimation of potential risks and functions of security personnel during the event.
  • Preliminary cleaning of the premises prior to the event. Getting rid of potentially harmful facilities. Attention is paid to availability of emergency exits. Staff, food and beverage inspection. All unauthorized vehicles and items are removed and prevented from entering the area.
  • Coordination of the visitor flow upon their entry, security against strangers and forbidden items. Restraint of violations and attempts to disrupt an event. Prevention of crowding. Advanced protection of VIP guests.
  • Final cleaning of the territory of the event is carried out after its completion. The premise is inspected to confirm that there are no unauthorized persons or items left.