Comprehensive Audit and Consulting

Comprehensive Security Audit helps to estimate objectively the level of company's safety and, on the ground of it, to eliminate extant disadvantages, and also to work out the most optimal security system, which satisfies the specificity of this particular organization. As a result of this examination, customer gets a report containing information about all detected dangers and recommendations related to their elimination. For most thorough and full assessment and consultancy, our employees implement several directions of current system’s testing and improving simultaneously:
  • Assessment of company’s engineering and technical condition, operational and technical examination of each area, in order to define the most optimal security system for the most vulnerable objects.
  • Operational parcing and estimation of security system. Examination of physical security system’s reliability. Screening for unauthorized devices collecting information.
  • Examining employees’ responsibilities related to company’s safety, and their connections with rivals or criminal structures.
  • Detection and forecasting  of potential risks and dangers. Elaboration of detailed plan of action in situation of emergency and procedure for informing client. Working-out personal guard concept for a specific client.
The result of our Comprehensive Security Audit will help you to create the most optimal strategy of your company’s security.