About Us

Security Enterprise Group «Alfa-Legion» - is a Union of highly-professional security, detective, analytical and consulting enterprises. The association of specialists in such spheres as investigation and safety, attorneys and businessmen, analysts and marketing experts, specialists in the field of high-tec and security systems sponsored by «Alfa-Legion» - is a progressive group of security companies, which are developing up to date and are providing complex security to individuals, enterprise, business and to all who need such services.   «Alfa-Legion» has branches in Smolensk, Saint Petersburg and in all regions of North Caucasus. Being a member of International Veteran Association of anti-terror sub-unit «Alfa», we have opportunities to provide our clients with security services all over the territory of Russian Federation.   The founders of SEG «Alfa-Legion» are members of International Veteran Association of sub-unit «Alfa» as well. Group «A» - is a special element of Federal Security Service fighting against terrorism that was founded in 1974 and transformed into powerful anti-terroristic organization. Group «ALFA» - is an elite of Russian Task Force. The criteria of selection of the squad are extremely rigid. The squad is composed of officers ready to serve in airborne troops, taking into account physical data and achievements in diverse disciplines. The special attention is paid to moral characteristics and psychologic resistance. For many reasons and factors, Group «A» became one of the best anti-terroristic organizations in the world. According to everything previously mentioned, it is clear that «Alfa-Legion» is under the direction of merited, steady and experienced people.   Staying successfully on the market of security services for more than 10 years, we consolidate under our authority 4 security enterprises, detective and legal agencies, a company, whose profiles are installation and servicing of technical security equipment. Since the foundation of «Alfa-Legion» we have been upgrading the quality of our work, in order to render services at a modern high level. After analyzing our business processes comprehensively, we turned to terms of complex quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Professional liability of «Alfa-Legion» is registered in the insurance company «Ingosstrakh». What is more, we never forget that we are a part of the market. In conditions of growing competition, our business strategy is client-orientation based on systematic approach.   After applying to us you will receive qualified help and adequate solution of all problems in the sphere of security. We would be extremely glad to justify your trust and to be helpful.