Our clients can always rely on the quality of our security and protection services as we use modern technologies and comprehensive approach.

Stationary Objects Protection

Behind Stone Wall

Estate security significantly determines success and stability of your business. We offer a full range of services related to stationary objects security of any kind and any difficulty. Learn more …


Always By Your Side

Personal security is very demandable service on the market nowadays. It is meant to save two most precious values – your life and your health. Comprehensive security of clients’ well-being at any time and any circumstances is the main object of our work. Learn more …

Rapid Response Unit (RRU)

Faster Than a Bullet

Security danger may occur at any time and place. Professional and well-timed assistance is of the utmost importance. RRU consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel only. The division is made up of officers, who have been trained at special units of the power structures of the Russian Federation. We are ready to give you a hand anytime. Learn more …

Escort of Material Valuables

Confidence in Every Movement

Safe transportation of valuable goods and substantial cargo is a very needed arrangement. We organize and implement escort during cargo transportation by different means of transport along the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Learn more …

Mass Events

We Protect, You Rest

With our help every mass event, from corporate party to organized meeting, becomes highly safe. Learn more …

Our Employees Uniform

The uniform is selected directly for each type of activity. Here are some examples in interactive view. Learn more …

Mass Events